Supersite 3.0 HELP TOPIC: Gradebook



The information and settings you selected in the Gradebook step during the course creation process produces the customized layout that appears in the Gradebook. When you first land in the Gradebook, you will always see the top-level All Categories "roster" view. The All Categories level presents a cumulative average along with category averages for every student in your roster. The Gradebook also offers a single student view to isolate the work of an individual student.

If you have limited time to manage your Gradebook, the All Categories level is as far into the Gradebook as you need to go. If you plan to fully utilize the Gradebook, you can alter its display, make roster-level and individual student grade adjustments, preview and edit assignments, and record grades for work done outside VHL Central.


Navigate the Gradebook's Views

Assignments are grouped on a single page at the second level within the Gradebook or they may be arranged within a hierarchy of layered pages that requires you to click through from the top-level Gradebook view (All Categories) to the lowest level page (or the comprehensive All assignments view) in order to see individual assignments. There are several ways you can navigate.   

  1. Column navigation: Click on the arrow to access the drop-down menu to navigate to a specific page in the Gradebook.  Note: When you are at the assignment level in the Gradebook, click on the column name and select the first option within the drop-down menu.  This will open a preview of the assigned item.
  2. Week or lesson view: When selecting the "View By"option from drop-down menu, click on the "Lesson" or "Due Date" options.  
  3. Gradebook scrolling: Gradebook scrolling is available when there are more columns or rows than will fit on your screen. Scroll bars are offered at the right or bottom of the Gradebook page.


To learn more about the features of the Gradebook, select a topic:

  1. All Categories "Roster" View
  2. Single Student View
  3. Email Students