Supersite 3.0 HELP TOPIC: Student Course Dashboard


Managing Your Course Work Using the Course Dashboard

The Course dashboard allows you to access the assignments, class bulletins, content, calendar, grades and communication tools for your instructor’s course.  


The Assignments Menu

Assignments displays all items that your instructor assigns from all areas of the Supersite in chronological order by due date. You may also access assignments from the Activities area in Content or from the Calendar.

Assignments are grouped into:

  • Overdue assignments: Displays all of your overdue assignments. 

*Note: The overdue assignments list is displayed only if you have past due assignments to submit.

  • Current assignments: Displays all activities that have been assigned by your instructor. These assignments must be submitted before the posted due date and due time set by your instructor.
  • Upcoming assignments: Displays all activities assigned by your instructor for the next upcoming date. These assignments need to be submitted before the posted due date and due time.


Viewing and Completing Assigned Work Using the Assignments Menu

  • You may expand each date’s set of assignments by clicking on its “+” icon or by clicking on the due date.
  • After expanding a date’s set of assignments, you will see:
  1. A calendar icon displaying the assignment due date.
  2. The number of activities that are due, along with the due time.
  3. The lesson and book section of each item in the assignment set, along with the number of activities that are due.
  4. An estimate of the total time needed to complete the assignment set.  Note: Time is only an estimation. It may not reflect the actual time spent by each user to complete assignments.
  5. Click the “start” button to begin the process of completing an assignment set.



Class Bulletin

The class bulletin organizes course notifications and announcements that require your review. Items in the class bulletin are organized chronologically, from the most recently posted item to the oldest. Notifications and announcements may also be viewed from the Communication area.

Notifications display system-generated alerts for specific assignments. These alerts include instructor feedback, work reset by your instructor, late work accepted by your instructor, and grades posted or changed by your instructor.

  1. Click on a notification title.
  2. The assignment will open and display a boxed alert about the action(s) completed by your instructor for this assignment.
  3. You can return to the dashboard, take a practice attempt, or resubmit the assignment if your work was reset.

*Note: After viewing a notification, it will be moved to the previously reviewed notifications page. To view the item again, select the “view all” link, then select the “previously reviewed” items link.