Use the Teacher Dashboard



In the SmartCenter, activity scores are reported in each packet’s Teacher Dashboard and Student Dashboard. You can access the Teacher Dashboard to:


Accessing the Teacher Dashboard

To access the Teacher Dashboard, first open the specific Student Book unit or packet of activities.


In the upper right-hand corner, click on View Dashboard.


Now you can see a list of your students and their grade for the activities in this unit or section.


To see a student’s individual activity scores, click on the down-arrow next to the name.


You can see the student’s score for any activity that was completed, as well as the number of attempts, the last time they accessed it. You can leave a message about individual activities by clicking on the pink speech-bubble icon.


To see the student’s answers, click on the down-arrow icon.

To Manually Score an Activity (or Override a Score) 

To manually assign a score for an open-ended activity or to override the score given automatically, simply type a number in the box and click Update.




Changing the Number of Attempts

You can change the number of attempts for each unit or packet of activities. Simply select the drop-down menu titled “Attempts per activity” and choose the number of attempts you would like to allow.


Please note that a student’s attempt at an activity will register in the Dashboard just by clicking Check.


They do not have to click Submit. If more than one attempt is allowed, clicking Submit will exhaust all possible attempts and prevent the student from making any further attempts at the activity. (It is akin to turning in a worksheet page; they are indicating they are done and do not intend to try again.)




Sending the Grade to the LMS Gradebook

Activity scores are not automatically sent to the LMS Gradebook. To send a score to the Gradebook, first access the Teacher Dashboard. Click “Lock for Grading.”


This prevents any student submissions from registering while you are working in the system. Students can still open the unit, but their responses will not be recorded.

Then simply click “Send to Gradebook.”




Selecting Activities to Include in Student Grades

After you have clicked “Lock for Grading,” you can select only certain activities to include in the grade that gets sent to the gradebook. Click “Select Activities." 

Now you can see a list of the activities that have been done in this packet. Then click “Edit.”


Now you can select and deselect activities. Click “Save” and then “Send to Gradebook” to send the cumulative score for just these activities to the LMS Gradebook.