Network Connectivity Requirements: Ports and Domains to Whitelist


Firewall settings that filter network traffic may be preventing access to certain VHLCentral / Supersite features. In order to ensure the best experience for your students and instructors, your firewall may need to be updated to allow access to the following domains and ports:

  • Allow access to * (all subdomains (
  • Open ports 80, 443, and 1935 to all TCP traffic (1935 is used for the recording service via RTMP, which is TCP-based)


Additional network requirements:

TokBox will be handling our new video/audio communication and recording tools, such as Partner Chat and Live Chat.

Ports to open (Required):

  • Open TCP port 443
  • Open UDP Port 3478

Whitelist the following domains (Required):

  • *
  • *

Ports to open (Highly Recommended):

  • Open UDP ports 1025 – 65535


To learn more about TokBox firewall and proxy requirements, visit the following article entitled "What are the TokBox network connectivity requirements?"



Pubnub will be handling text chatting capabilities and the "sending/receiving" of invitations from Partner Chat and Live Chat.

Whitelist the following domains:

  • *
  • *
  • *
  • ps1 through


PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: This information needs to be provided to the appropriate network technician or schools' IT department/staff for them to make these necessary adjustments.