Getting Started: Educator


You need access to your textbook's site to create courses and classes/course sections, set assignment due dates, send important announcements, and communicate with the students enrolled in your courses/classes.

If you already have a VHL Central account or if your Vista Higher Learning modern language specialist sent you a username and temporary password via email, please go to VHL Central and enter your username and password in the login area.

If you do not have a username and password, please contact your Vista Higher Learning modern language specialist to request access to your program's site on VHL Central.


What is an access code and do I need one?

If you already have an account with instructor access or if a username/password was supplied by your modern language specialist, then you do not need an access code for your textbook's site on VHL Central. 

If you have an instructor access code (twelve-letter code) you may redeem the code on VHL Central. To begin, you will need access to the Internet, the twelve-letter instructor code, and a printed copy of our brief instructor/teacher registration instructionsYou may also watch a how-to video about registration.


For how long does an instructor account provide access to my program?

Teacher and instructor accounts are good for the life of the adoption. However, the length of time that students have access varies based on the textbook in use. Please refer to our policy document for complete details concerning student codes. 


How do I make the most of my program on VHL Central?

We have many helpful resources designed specifically to help you learn about and make the best use of your VHL Central program. Check out the resources available based on the type of institution at which you are teaching.