Supersite 3.0 HELP TOPIC: Gradebook - Single Student View


How do I track the progress of a specific student?

How do I view work submitted by a specific student?

Single Student View

This view allows you to focus on the work of one student. It presents overall performance and effort statistics for a student compared to the course average. It is perfect for use during meetings with a student to review an assignment or during parent-teacher meetings to review a student’s overall performance. Students see this same view in their account (without the class average comparison statistics), so they know how well they are doing in the course.

  1. From the roster view in the Gradebook, click on a student name (or search for a name).
  2. The student view opens in a separate browser window.
  3. To view another student’s record, use “Previous Student / Next Student.”

Summary – Performance

This page presents a student’s overall (cumulative) grade, as well as averages for each of your course’s grading rubric categories. You can also check to see if a student has proper access to the Supersite to complete all course assignments.

Summary – Effort

  • Time on activities: The amount of time a student has spent working on assigned items.
  • Average attempts: The average number of attempts used by a student before finalizing an assignment.
  • Assignments submitted: The number of assignments submitted by a student.
  • Feedback reviewed: The number of feedback items reviewed by a student as compared to the total number of feedback items submitted by you, the instructor.
  • Late submissions: The number of assignments a student submitted after the due date and due time.


In the Details tab of the single student view, you can use the filter tool to locate a group of assignments or a specific assignment using a combination of sort characteristics. Items displayed in the results table include assignment preview links plus the student’s submission statistics. Statistics include assignment grade, points earned (pe), points possible (pp), applied late penalty, attempts used, time spent (mm:ss), status of the assignment, time/date stamp, due date/time. 

  1. In the first “Show activities from” row, select “Lesson,” “Category,” “Week,” or “Day” from the left hand drop-down menu, then select an item from the right-hand menu.
  2. In the second “Show activities from” row, select an option (the options available are dependent on the selections made in the first row of drop-down menus; the options may include Lesson, Section, Category, Week, Day or All) from the left hand drop-down menu, then select an item from the right-hand menu.
  3. Click “filter.”
  4. In the results table, review the statistics and click on the student’s grade for an assignment to make any adjustments to the grade. Note: For instructions, see “Adjust an Assignment Grade” in the Supersite 3.0 HELP TOPIC Gradebook Roster View - Working with student submissions and grades.