Why is the Supersite saying I need a code to access my assignments if I already redeemed my code?



The Supersite's activities are organized into different sections. The available sections vary by textbook, but may include Practice, Presentations, Tutorials, Assessment, Workbook, Lab Manual, Video Manual (also known as WebSAM, eCuaderno, or Cahier interactif). Each of these sections requires the redemption of a particular type of code to gain access to it's activities.


If you are unable to access an activity or assignment, chances are the code you redeemed did not provide privileges to access the activity. It is also possible that your code has expired (check out our code subscription length document for details - also listed in the related articles menu to your right).


Code Descriptions

  • Supersite: This is a basic access code. It provides privileges for most Practice, Assessment, Presentations, and Tutorials (where applicable).
  • Supersite Plus*: This is a premium code. It provides the same privileges as a Supersite code with added privileges to Chat, and where applicable, to the online workbook (WebSAM/eCuaderno/Cahier interactif) for your textbook.
  • Supersite Plus with vText: This is a premium code. It provides the same privileges as a Supersite Plus code with added privileges to your textbook's vText (where applicable).
  • Supersite Upgrade: This code must be used in combination with a Supersite code to upgrade existing access privileges. Generally, these codes will provide privileges for the online workbook (WebSAM/eCuaderno/Cahier interactif) and the vText for your textbook (where applicable).
  • WebSAM: This code is only available with selected textbooks. It provides privileges for the activities in WebSAM, and where applicable, Tutorials and Assessment. The code may be used in combination with a Supersite code to get full access privileges to all activities for a textbook's Supersite.


How do I get access to the activity/assignment?

You'll need to purchase and redeem an additional code. You can refer to the code descriptions above to help you determine which code you've already redeemed and which code you'll need to purchase.


You can purchase codes via VHL online store.