Español Santillana - Speaking & Listening Workbook


All SmartCenter activities, including the Speaking and Listening Workbook activities, are available in your school's LMS. The way that you will assign the activity will depend on the LMS your school uses.

 Speaking & Listening Workbook Activities - Student View

A student can click on the link to open the Speaking & Listening Workbook packet of activities. Each "packet" corresponds to one double-page in the print Speaking & Listening Workbook. Now the Student is ready to work on the activity.


If the student's device allows accessing the microphone from within the browser, the student will see a red Rec (record) button. If not, the student will only see the Choose a file button, and will need to record their voice using a separate voice recording app. 


In either case, the student will record their voice (and, if neccessary, upload the audio file) and click Submit. Once a recording is submitted, the little circle next to the activity turns grey to indicate the activity has been completed. Then the student can play their audio using the Play button.


Once the student has finished and submitted the activity, the student can see their score by clicking View Score. Because speaking activities are not auto-graded, the student needs to wait for the teacher to grade the activity.

The grade for this activity appears as a dash "-".


Speaking activities create an audio file. The student’s audio file will appear in the Teacher Dashboard. Teachers can access the audio file by opening the link to the activity, then clicking on View Dashboard. For more information on manually grading SmartCenter activities, check out this article.