Chromebook®-Accessible Features on VHL Central


To make the most of your program’s resources on a Chromebook®, all you need is a VHL Central account and internet access.

We've worked to make sure the following resources are accessible on a Chromebook®:

  • Streaming video
  • Audio
  • Presentational readings (literary and cultural selections and spoken grammar presentations)
  • vText
  • Grammar Tutorials
  • Flashcards
  • Vocabulary Tutorials
  • Speech Recognition (Senderos PRIME only)

Note: Adobe Flash Player must be enabled in the Chrome browser.


We recommend students use a computer to access Partner Chat activities.  We’ll look to continually update our programs as technologies advance.


To Download Files via Google Drive: Download rtf files from the Resources library in your VHL Central program to Google Drive. Note that you need a Google account. For more information on downloading and editing files, please visit: